10 Simple Tips to Lose Weight: Post Lockdown Edition

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It’s been…different hasn’t it.

We have all been to that place where we could lose a couple of pounds here and there. So we join weight loss clubs such as Weight Watchers and Slimming World, join a class such as Zumba or your local circuit class or we have the resources, we hire a Personal Trainer.

But then last year, everything changed.

COVID hit the world and everything stopped, no clubs, no classes and no sessions for the foreseeable future. But I’m happy to say in most parts of the world, restrictions are being eased and normality is slowly returning.

So I would like to share some tips on how to get back to the road to fat burning, so my name is Danny and here are 10 Simple Tips to Losing Weight (Lockdown Edition)

  1. Eat Regularly: So you must be thinking ‘I have eaten so much over lockdown.’ But remember, we must have calories to burn calories. So even if some of us are reducing the calories we intake to shift pounds. We still gotta eat, so make sure you are eating breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  2. Portion Control: So now we have decided we are going to eat regularly, we now need to address another common roadblock, overfilling our plates. So to start things off, try using smaller plates. Simple enough, the plate doesn’t need to be tiny (I have seen some TINY plates from clients during lockdown!) but enough to fit a meal in. We also provide our new clients and those who take trials with a portion control guide that has helped massively.
  3. Fruit and Veg: As a dad to a rather hyper 3 year old, I’m constantly battling to get him to eat his fruit and veg. And now I bestow this wisdom to you, EAT YOUR 5 a DAY! Aim to have fruit and veg with EVERY meal. Finding it hard get inspiration? We provide our popular recipe packs every month to all our clients at no extra cost.
  4. Swap Water for Soda Drink: Seems pretty straight forward but believe me, this can be quite difficult for some of us. Carbonated drinks have a habit of being addictive due to having caffeine and sugar. So this week, swap all those sugary drinks for water, pop a segment of lemon in for favour. We all have taps, and water facilities at work and home so let’s them. We will be running a bonus water intake challenge alongside our usual two week trial so don’t be shy and send me an email!
  5. Cut down on Alcohol: Yes I know we have all missed pubs and bars! But I know (and you know) that alcohol is a key contributor to weight gain. For example: did you know one double measure of gin has the same calories as one standard milky bar! Worth keeping in mind there!
  6. Avoid Storing Junk Food: It’s time for you to become someone best friend, it’s time to clear the cupboards where you store your snacks and either give it away or throw it away. This removes the temptation of slipping up and don’t panic about not having a treat…I’ll explain in a bit.
  7. Get Active: We haven’t been nearly as active and it’s not your fault. Some restrictions have only allowed us to go for walks once a day and the rest of our day is either behind our home desk or baking cakes as a means to burn some time. So now restrictions have eased, it’s now time to get back out there and get active! Go for daily walks, get off the bus stop before and walk to your destination, take the stairs instead the lift and when your ready (and only if your ready), join a gym, join a class, take some personal training or online coaching. Training and Nutrition work so much better together than apart.
  8. Reward yourself: So if we have put in the previous 7 tips in place, this would mean that you are developing a new routine. You are making small but effective changes and have started to become more active so at the end of the week, who not reward yourself? Pick a day (I would recommend a Friday or Saturday) and is your reward day. Like a nice glass of wine at the end of a gruelling week? Then carry on making those changes, stick to it and enjoy your treat without feeling guilty because you have earned it.
  9. Avoid the Scales: A divided opinion, but hear me out. When I was younger, I tore my ligaments in my knee while doing Judo. As you can imagine, I couldn’t do a lot and was on the proverbal shelf for a while. With no activity in sight and my metabolism being naff, I gained a LOT of weight. I healed up and start exercising, sure enough I started to fit in some of old clothes but when I got on the scales, I was disappointed. I couldn’t understand why I put much effort in it and the kgs were still in were still in the triple digits. Little did I know back then, is that I put on muscle and it actually weighs more than fat. So be happy that your clothes fit again, and don’t be obsessed over the scales. It’s not the be all and end all.
  10. Have fun: If we can’t have fun and enjoy the journey, then it’s going to be tough. If your doctor has advised you to lose weight for whatever reason, then don’t be embarassed, be excited. You are trying something new and it will be lifechanging. So speak to friends and family about it, get their support, even them involved! And no matter what slip ups happen, I’m sure you would have at least something positive. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day and your weight loss journey isn’t a quick fix, so embrace the grind!

So that’s our 10 tips to lose weight loss, I hope it helps you acheive that fat burn you have been craving! Just before I go, we are doing two week trials for Online Coaching. These are free and you only pay if you decide to continue after the trial! So email me on teamrousefitness@gmail.com to get started and be part of our amazing community!

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you soon


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