Meet your Coach

Hi, my name is Danny and together we are going to get you in the best shape you ever been in.

Hi guys, my name is Danny, and I have been in the industry for a little over 10 years. I always have enjoyed fitness since I was younger, doing Judo since I was younger at a decent level so naturally the best thing for me was to get into fitness and I’ve never looked back!

I specialise in Weight Management by helping clients train hard and understand what they eat and drink by setting specific and realistic targets based on every individual’s needs. Based on circuit training mixed with weight training and plyometrics, we have been able to achieve so many goals and are always excited to set some more goals! Helping clients from all walks of life. I have been fortunate enough to help those achieve their goals of having that dream body and feel comfortable in their skin!

  Now I recognise that while some people may not feel comfortable in the gym and that is absolutely fine, so that’s why I launched my Online Coaching service to give you the option, want to try it yourself but need a point in the right direction? Then sign up for a monthly membership to receive weekly downloadable content that includes training plans, recipes, life coaching plus MUCH MUCH more. But if you need that one to one approach? That’s all good, I offer Personal Training either in the gym, outdoors or in your very own home!

So let’s get started! Contact me on any of the info below and book your FREE consultation with me!

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